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Our Mission:

WineKey is a venture started by a group of wine lovers and Sommelier' involved in Sonoma and Napa wine for over 15 years, partnered SEG Universe mobile applications company.


WineKey is able to bring to life all dimensions of a virtual marketplace for any winery to advertise and sell their stock in the most efficient ways possible thanks to SEG Universe's experience in developing hundreds of mobile phone applications like Uber Eats in India. 

We want to directly connect wineries with consumers around the country effectively, without involving 3rd or 4th parties. In essence, we want to maximize quantity and profit of stock sales per each winery as well as maximize direct foot traffic to wineries in order to help self sustain the majority of wine country for the future. In recent years past, we have seen what fires have done to Napa and Sonoma in regards to foot traffic and overall sales.


With even more unexpected plight coming to California recently, wineries have had to shut their doors temporarily, but not without a permanent affect to their businesses.

Our plan was to bring WineKey to life by the beginning of 2021, but because of recent events, we have successfully expedited this date to Spring of 2020. We are nearly there, and with your help we can make this dream happen now.


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Tel: 415-496-5257

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