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We are very pleased with all the questions we have received pertaining to our marketplace application, WineKey. Below are some quick, straight forward answers to the most frequently asked questions by all Napa Sonoma wineries.



Q: How much does it cost for my winery to be featured on the WineKey Marketpalce & Application?


A: As of right now, IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING! For the next 4-5 months. Our goal is to board a certain amount of wineries to feature on our application so that we can begin worldwide marketing as soon as possible.


Q: What will it cost after the 4 months of a free trial?


A: $29.99-$89.99 per month, and 3%-6% per individual sale made on our application.


Q: Why so cheap? What's the catch?


A: There is no catch... We are a literally scaled to be the Amazon and Rakuten of the wine world. Imagine a digital space where your winery is able to be toured online or in person, included in wine tour company's itineraries, and for the whole world to buy wine from you direct. Because there are no middlemen in this process, we are able to provide all these inclusive features on our application for so cheap.


Q: Do I have to sell my wine at a discounted price?


A: Absolutely NOT! We encourage all wineries to sell their wine at the price they want to sell. Remember, you're being viewed by millions and millions of people domestically and worldwide who are steered toward your wineries based on palate preferences as well as price points.


Q: Why don't I just advertise my wine through other platforms, instead?


A: You certainly could do that. But by signing up as a winery on WineKey, you'll bypass having to pay any advertising costs which could range up to thousands of dollars per month, with little to show for it. With WineKey, it's nearly free.


Q: That all sounds nice, but if it's so cheap to work with WiineKey, how could it be better than spending more money with other marketing platforms and wine brokers? 


A: We know it sounds too good to be true. But with our digital marketplace platform application your winery will privately attract traffic based on your profile that you make when signing up with us. No matter how many wineries sell wine on WineKey, it's up to you to create your profile, or have WineKey make your profile which will specifically target certain demographics of wine lovers from all over the world. There are no hidden costs. 


Q: Does this customized profile of my winery really make a difference?


A: More than you know. Keep in mind, all traffic coming through the application is going to see your winery photos, your "About Us" pages, as well as what wines you specialize in and what your'e currently featuring to sell (weekly, monthly/seasonally, etc).


Q: Can I cancel or delete my membership without additional costs, if I don't like using WineKey?


A: Sure. We're only here to help.


Q: What's Next? How do we get going?


A: Simply complete a short questionnaire , One of our team members will reach out to you with more details and will be happy to answer any of your questions. 


Q: Is there anyone I can talk to? I'd love to hear someone's voice and go over other questions I may have.


A: Sure thing! Feel free to reach out to one of our managers by emailing your name and number to One of our two project managers will contact you via phone. You can also simply submit your winery contact form using any of our emails which provide a link to click to do so.

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